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May 2013 - Updated information

Richard Hardy, the Principal of Hardy Lawyers from April 2009 to May 2013, has joined Baker Love Lawyers.  Richard continues to specialise in Australian Immigration and Citizenship Law and manages the Immigration and Citizenship Law practice at Baker Love.

Baker Love has offices at 30 Dan Rees Street, Wallsend NSW 2287 (the main office) and at Suite 108, The Junction Village Centre, 10-16 Kenrick Street, The Junction NSW 2291.  Information about Baker Love is available at

To contact Richard, please call Baker Love Lawyers on (02) 4951 5766 or send an email to



When Richard Hardy joined Baker Love Lawyers in May 2013, the legal practice of Hardy Lawyers ceased.  Although Hardy Lawyers has ceased, information about Richard Hardy and Hardy Lawyers is provided below and on the other pages of this website.


Hardy Lawyers is a legal practice based in Newcastle, NSW, specialising in Australian immigration law and employment law.

Our service is to provide legal advice, assistance and representation, which is personal, clear, and reliable.

Principal Solicitor, Richard Hardy has been practising law since December 1994.  Richard has specialised in Australian immigration and employment law in Sydney until 2001 and in Newcastle since then.

In 2012, Richard obtained 'Specialist Accreditation' from the Law Society of NSW in the area of Australian Immigration and Citizesnhip Law.